Perfect Shot Media | Running to Recovery Full Documentary
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creative, Documentary, videography
About This Project

Perfect Shot Media are excited to present to you our very first feature length Television Project.

Running to Recovery – A documentary about a young man called Paul Spence. Two years ago Paul Spence suffered a near fatal brain injury that changed his life forever. He was left in a state of ‘limbo’ believing his future had been taken from him. Through his determination and efforts, he recovered to a point where he decided to set himself a challenge – to run four marathons in four days around Ibiza. This is Paul’s message to the world, that anything can be achieved no matter what our circumstances may be. This is his story covering the Ibiza challenge.

This documentary had successfully aired on SKY TV

If you are interested in having your story filmed and turned into an entertaining documentary/film, then feel free to get in touch and see how Perfect Shot Media can help get the Perfect Shot for you.