Perfect Shot Media | About us
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About us

Welcome to Perfect Shot Media!

Thank you for dropping by! We are a team of highly skilled Videographers and Photographers with over 15 years of experience shooting brand, travel, music videos, documentaries, promotional and lifestyle content for global clients.
Our media content has featured on SKY TV and has been seen around the globe.
As passionate videographers and photographers, we dedicate our skills in creating content that gives our clients brand/story a personality, that allows them to better engage with their audience.
We always aim to ensure that our clients receive an outstanding end to end service with a can-do approach to any of their needs.
We love to travel and over the last few years, we’ve had the pleasure of shooting in Ibiza, Beijing, Singapore, Netherlands, Spain, India and many other wonderful destinations.
Media Content is now essential for any business, brand, creative storytelling or event to grow and we would be delighted to capture some amazing content for you.

Creative and Corporate clients

As a team of professional videographers and photographers, we have managed to hone our skills with a range of different clients across multiple mediums. Over the years we have understood the unique differences in each type of production and can cover:

  • Documentaries and Short Films 
  • Music Video Production
  • BTS Photography/Videos
  • Health and Fitness Photography/Video Production
  • Corporate Video/Photography Marketing 
  • Event Photography/Video Production
  • Social Media Photography/Video Production
  • Tech Video Production
  • Fashion Photography/Video Production
  • Talking Head Video Production
  • Events and Lifestyle Photography/Video Production
  • Travel and Tourism Photography/Video Promos
  • Aerial Images/Videos 

What makes us different?

We dedicate ourselves to bring the highest production values and creative flair to every video/photography project we are involved in. Our team produces everything in-house and are experts in the editing suite. We understand your vision is unique and so approach every client with the utmost understanding of their needs.
We are able to story-board, script write, direct and shoot your project keeping you in the loop every step of the way helping bring your vision to life. We pride ourselves on having a creative approach and ensuring your project is unique and stands apart from every other video you will see. Whether it’s a big-budget film production or a small promotional project for a start-up business, Perfect Shot Media are dedicated to delivering outstanding results for you each and every time.
Give us a shot and we’ll make it perfect!