Perfect Shot Media | Tyron Ash Real Estate – Promotional Video Production
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Corporate, Videography
About This Project

Perfect Shot Media has had the pleasure of working the Tyron Ash Real Estate capturing this exclusive property

Our objective was to capture interesting and creative shots of the property as it was also presented by Tyron Ash himself. For extra production value, we added a drone shot and toured the property with a gimbal to ensure every shot was smooth and balanced.

Our professional video production services cover:

  • Storyboarding
  • Locations (Extra cost)
  • Professional video Director
  • Professional Videographer/DOP
  • Highlights video
  • Full show video coverage
  • Promotional trailers
  • Instructional videos 
  • Professional promotional video editing services

If you need a promotional trailer to bring out the best in your image or brand, get in touch and let us capture the Perfect Shot for you.