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Spider-Man: No One Way for Marketing

If you’re anything like me, then Spider-Man: No Way Home has dominated your social media feeds for the past year. My timeline has been filled with theory after theory about the affairs of Spider-Man in his third MCU instalment, with it feeling as though there was a new theory popping up every other day, held upright by dubious pieces of leaked evidence and rumours. The film’s release was met with high regard, shattering several records, and rivalling Avengers: Endgame in success, financially and otherwise.

There was a ton of speculation surrounding No Way Home, with thousands of fans online each day engaging in discourse and contributing to a constant flow of information and content online. This was all the while Marvel Studios and Sony played their cards very close to their chests – barely any information or content was being released by them until very late into the film’s promotional run. This is atypical of how hype and momentum are built up by movie studios nowadays; usually, a film’s first trailer is put out around 4 months prior to its release date. However, with No Way Home, the first trailer was released only a month prior to the UK release. This is a staggering difference, which can only be explained through an appreciation of Marvel Studios and Sony’s advantageous position in an industry that is driven as much by its fanbase as it is the studios themselves.

The Marvel fanbase is a self-perpetuating marketing ecosystem, consistently creating content and keeping the brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds. It is the reason why Marvel and Sony did not need to push tons of content for the film’s promotion: the fans simply did the work for them. While it seems that the constant stream of leaks worked to the benefit of the two studios, it is also certain that it was detrimental to the secrecy the studios were determined to keep in the build-up to the film’s release. It has been reported that the original marketing campaign for the film was to pitch Doctor Strange as the main villain of No Way Home and was meant to completely exclude the presence of the film’s five multiversal villains

Several spanners were thrown into the works, however, as leaks suggested the presence of Spider-Man 2’s Doctor Octopus, as portrayed by Alfred Molina, and Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin. This caused Sony to radically shift their promotional campaign to include these villains: the teaser trailer, which leaked prior to its official release, confirmed the presence of Doc Ock, and Green Goblin, while Electro and Sandman’s roles in the film were confirmed in the first full trailer. This change in tactic was probably for the best, as the trailer’s release and the subsequent TV spots undoubtedly influenced the film’s record-breaking advance ticket sales.

One major takeaway from this is that even the biggest studio powerhouses must keep abreast of any changes of circumstance and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. There is no set-in-stone method in the world of marketing, strategies and tactics must have the flexibility to flow concurrently with changes in audience behaviour, expectation, and engagement. We at Perfect Shot Media have been delivering digital content for several years, and as a result, have come to understand the importance of understanding how to market it. Regardless of the quality of the product you create, if you are not tailoring your marketing efforts accordingly then you will find it difficult to develop and grow your brand. It is for this reason that we have decided to expand the services we offer to include a tailored marketing experience- be sure to contact us for further information! After all, if you are not in tune with your audience, then there is no way of driving anything home.


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